Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

TreeDune YellowandRed Chestnut  

Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • It should be obvious from the weekends posts that we had a great time on the Bordeaux coast. I think we will try and get another weekend away before the cold sets in. I need to do some location scouting.. all suggestions will be appreciated.
  • We had an amusing experience on Sunday with clocks and daylight saving. We thought that clocks went back on Saturday but it turns out they change at the end of next month. Thankfully we realised this when we got home on Sunday after we heard the church bells...
  • Autumn is starting to make her presence felt.. more leaves changing colour and temperatures dropping sharply.
  • The sunflower fields have finally been harvested.. Ange and I have been waiting anxiously to see how it was done. It turns there was no elaborate process like sacks over the head, just a big harvester which slices the stem just above ground level. Next years production of sunflower oil is on its way to a supermarket near you. It is a shame 'cause now I have nowhere to hide if nature comes to call when I'm out on my run.
  • On the subject of harvesting (not nature runs) there are chestnut pods falling just about everywhere... check out the prickly pods in bottom photo. The trees grow wild but there are also plenty of farmed groves all around us. All I have to do is figure out how to roast chestnuts..... will let you know what they taste like.