Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up


Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • You may have noticed from one of the previous posts that our Henry has lost both of his top front pearly whites. The last of these seem to hang on forever, slowly twisting and turning much to his delight as he tortured the rest of the family with a new grin at every mealtime. 
  • I am saving the best photo's for his 21st party.
  • We have taken delivery of two sheep.  Yes these portable lawnmowers will help to keep the grass in the front paddocks at ankle height.  They are still pretty shy but I will post some pictures of them in due course.
  • An update on my trip to Perigueux last week. It took me 3 attempts to find the right building that sold ANAEM stamps.  Unfortunately this delay meant I only arrived at the Prefecture building at 12:10 after the department for estrangers had closed for the day.  At least I finally had all the stamps we needed and was able to do some birthday shopping for Jack in the afternoon.
  • Ange and I went back to Perigueux today (Tuesday), we dropped the letters off at the Prefecture (no problems this time) and had a nice time exploring the city. 
  • Perigueux has really grown on me. It is much more vibrant in the Spring.  We had a great lunch in the old city, sitting on the terrace in the sun, very nice.
  • We are getting quite excited as our first visitor arrives next Saturday (24th).  Serene (Dr Hu) is our family doctor from Northcote Point, Auckland.  She knows the family/ kids pretty well as we were regular visitors to her practice.  It will be good to show her around and see what she thinks of our Dordogne.   
  • Some blog corrections: VE day was last Thursday and as a result Friday became an automatic holiday. Monday was Lundi de Pentecôte (Pentecostal Monday), which was reassigned as a national holiday after public protests in 2007.  The kids went back to school today, they have tomorrow (Wednesday) off as usual, then there is a teachers strike on Thursday. They are back at school on Friday.
  • We checked out the VE memorial "parade" in Villefranche on Thursday.  It was a very (extremely) low key event.  It's obvious that this memorial day doesn't have the same national significance as ANZAC does for us Kiwi's.  It is quite understandable when you consider the vast history and current state (united) of the European community.