Friday, 31 August 2007

Last Day of Work

It has arrived. Good day all told.

Old Boss: Batman's Understudy

  • 2am: Get home from Vista work party - crashed.
  • 9am: Some baking.
  • 10-11am: farewell morning tea - speeches and sausage rolls.
  • 11-1pm: Kids School Daffodil day function.
  • 1-2pm: 7k Run, one last time round the old city track.
  • 2-3pm: Belated Lunch.
  • 3-4pm: Wind-up colleagues.
  • 4-5pm: Update BLOG!
  • 5pm: onwards Month-End Drinks - put scary guy (below) in charge of life and wallet.

New Boss: Scary Guy