Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve 2011

Sharing some great tunes on New Years Eve at the Walker batch - Mangawhai Heads
IMG 1535

Thursday, 22 December 2011

An Unplanned Adventure

Its been an interesting few days. At the start of November I ran the Auckland Marathon for 5th time. Despite some good training prep it was really tough, probably tougher than it should have been. The following week I was admitted to North Shore Hospital with chest pain.. diagnosis was a viral infection affecting the lining of the heart.

There was something about this diagnosis that didn't stack up and in a follow-up meeting with my own Doc, I persuaded him to send me to a specialist for more tests.

This test finally happened yesterday. He found a problem: something was putting pressure on my Pulmonary Artery constricting flow. The specialist (cardiologist) was a real star and arranged for CAT scan first thing this morning and then after we had discussed results he rang around his network to find an appropriate specialist to pass me onto to. Its Christmas time and most are on are leave but he arranged for me to be admitted to North Shore Hospital.

So here I am.. getting quite use to this place. All three boys were born here and both my mum and dad have had their share of visits. Stuck with needles - waiting for next test.. scheduled for biopsy tomorrow.

I'm pretty good spirits - Que sera sera. Whatever happens next I'll be up for some radiotherapy for quite some time... Only 10 checkins before I become Foursquare mayor of North Shore Hospital.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday Tuneup

Its been awhile - but something recently reminded of why I'm are doing this and I have to make an effort to catch-up on the 'ol blog front.

Today was the first day of term 4, which incidentally is Jack's last term before heading to high school at Takapuna.

The RWC has been all consuming and we are all looking forward to a break from test rugby. Boys are spending every spare moment kicking balls and playing touch or tackle.  They all want to play rugby next year - so be it!

Cricket season starts this week, boys play their first game this weekend.

Well - I'm pretty unimpressed with my first Tuesday tuneup since Dec 2008 but I'll do better next week.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Rugby World Cup Final

Sunday 23 October:  The French turned up to play and fortunately the AB didn't quite manage the old choke maneuver. 

The Biscuit Bunch went on an adventure into town.  Which was incidentally packed to rafters and rocking.  We arrived and scored a sneaky park at the good 'ol Fish Markets. PERFECT.  Tripped around the Viaduct crowd watching. PERFECT.  Then called into our fav. restaurant Moonsoon Poon. seated. food. PERFECT.  

Finally headed around viaduct passed all the sad 'Nigel no Friends' on their massive yachts back to fish market to watch the game. Great Venue. PERFECT.  Game On. NOT PERFECT. Very scary in fact.  We Won. MIRACLE.  

After the win we shot out to presentation and watch fire works and then back into town to join in the party. PERFECT.  


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cell Phone Laundry

Henry's cellphone, his first from a recent birthday, is now cleaner than ever.  It has just been through the washing machine.... 
This was just over a week ago: I opened the case and the 'water damaged' sticker was bright red.  Left it to dry out for a week, thinking that I was just postponing the inevitable throw away... However miraculously I've put it back together and its now working.  It must have turned off at the time.

A Very Clean Phone

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sky Tower Visit

James and dad had an outing to the Sky Tower on Saturday thanks to GrabOne vouchers.  The last time James had visited the tower he was still in a capsule seat so it was somewhat overdue.   We had good the two of us especially sitting in the cafe watching the sky jump people while drinking hot chocolate!

IMG 7928