Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Weekend

EggHunt Good Friday is not a public holiday in France.. the kids went to school on Friday but they have Monday off.

They have an interesting setup here: May Day is the only statutory public holiday and all the rest are negotiated as part of employment  agreements.  I don't understand it, here is the wikipedia link on public holidays.

The weather packed in on Friday as predicted.. we had a few snow flakes on Saturday. The boys were invited to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, Izzy is in Jack and Henry's class and she turned 7. Izzy's mum and dad are English and have lived in France for around 6 years. It was a good socialising opportunity for the whole family.

After our chat about good 'ol Santa, Jack has also figured out who the Easter bunny is and has promised not to reveal the secret to his younger brothers.  Last night he waited until his brothers had fallen asleep and came downstairs to ask me a few questions.  This knowledge didn't damper his excitement for the egg hunt this morning though. There was no chance that the eggs would melt before they were discovered, it was freezing cold.

The great hunt was delayed until after the coverage of the Malaysian grand prix and a cooked breakfast - thanks Ange.

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