Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tuesday Tune-up



Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • I'm running about one day late with my posts but this is the great thing about the tune-up.  A couple of lines, a photo or two and I'm back in the present. 
  • It is quite harder to find some blogging time while entertaining visitors, dealing with broken fridges and faulty  washing machines.
  • Monday 28th July is mum's birthday. We had a late breakfast and headed to La Roque-Gageac for a riverboat cruise along the Dordogne.  The cruise followed a similar route our canoe trip but was bit more sedate in style, so it was perfect for the occasion.
  • It turned into a really hot day, so much so I just had to go for a swim in the river.
  • After a quick lunch in the park, Ange and us boys rushed home for a swim, while Lainey and Ros took the tourist route home stopping off at Daglan.  Daglan is really beautiful - I must get some photo's posted.
  • Hope all is well back home in NZ - lots of bad winter storms. I'm also too scared to phone James to see if our house is still there.  I'm sure it is. 
  • On the same note, we get our NZ mail redirected to France (which adds around a 6 week delivery delay), anyway our rates advice from North Shore City arrived yesterday, our rates have gone up by 75%. What's the story with that?
  • Monday night we all had dinner at the small "Routiers" restaurant in Saint Cernin. In was great meal, we were all impressed. It is funny how a small restaurant, which is attached to the petrol station, can turn out such great food. Another place to add to the "must return to" list.
  • Yes - this is a rambling entry. Did you read the introduction?