Sunday, 8 March 2009

Biscuit Update

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Not many posts this last month... I could use the excuse that life back in Auckland is somewhat simpler than the big adventure in France but a far better excuse is that we have been very busy. All the same an update is now well overdue. The big news of the week is my brother, Greg and his wife Lana just had their first child, Matt. Well done team.

Ange and I are still working hard on the job seeking front.. The market is very slow and the jobs that are out there are just harder to get.. it is really a waiting game. The house painting is progressing well, the paintwork along the back side of the house was quite bad and I'm having to strip right back to the wood which is pretty time consuming. At least the weather this last month has been good, a few rain storms here and there but not enough to disrupt progress.

The kids are enjoying school - especially with all their old friends around. Having no language barriers must help somewhat. Football season is just starting and our boys are signed with a new club, Glenfield Rovers.

The latest craze around our house is the North Harbour BMX track. I friend took Jack along and now that's all he is talking about. It is good outdoor fun and will help them all build up their confidence.

Ange and I have been doing a fair bit of off-road running on all the tracks through the local parks.. it is easy to forget just how beautiful and accessible these local tracks are. I've included some photo's from our family walk on Saturday through Little Shoal Bay Reserve and up into Le Roys Bush.

I took Henry on a one-on-one father son treat yesterday to see the Auckland Blues play the Natal Sharks at Eden park. We both had fun but the rugby was pretty disappointing.. the Sharks ran circles around the Blues, who tackled badly and generally played like they had left their brains behind in the changing rooms.

The garden is looking good. I have removed a few truckloads of trees or shrubs and have installed a large compost pit. I'm planning to extend the vegetable garden which has been churning out heaps of fresh produce.. we now have more tomatoes then we can eat - well almost.

That's it for now.. until next time.

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