Thursday, 25 December 2008

Season’s Greetings from Timaru in the South Island of New Zealand.
Paris - Dubai – Auckland: The stop-over in Dubai really helped to break up the journey but we were all shattered by the time we landed in Auckland. It is good to be home, it was really funny to hear all the thick kiwi accents as soon as we got into Auckland airport. After a few slow days we managed some last minute Christmas shopping and have bumped into quite a few friends and neighbours in the process. On Sunday night we had a BBQ at our house in Northcote Point. James and George, our friends and tenants, have kept the house spotless and it was good to sit out on the deck with some bubbly and catch up. The boys are really excited to be home and it took them no time at all to give the ‘ol tree house and trampoline a good workout. Ange has already been out for a first job interview on Tuesday, she is on the case our Ange. There appear to be plenty of good options for her in the telecommunications industry. I will start doing the rounds in January and also have a few options to follow up. The global economy is an ongoing concern but we are fortunate in that we can afford to wait it out if we have to but I don’t expect it will come to that. The Biscuit Bunch is in Timaru for Christmas where we are staying with Ange’s mum. My mum, who has also flown down from Auckland, is staying just around the corner at a local motel. It is quite surreal to be back in New Zealand. We miss many aspects of life in France.. the rural life, good friends, exciting adventures, great boulangerie bread, fantastic cheeses and don’t get me started about the wine. The time went by far too quickly and we would have liked to have stayed longer. We can’t wait to move back home on January 5th.. it is going to be hard work to unpack the house, all our belongings are packed floor to ceiling in the downstairs bedroom. The freight company have also been in touch, our belongings have arrived and I need to arrange for it to get inspected by MAF inspectors to ensure they comply with the very strict import rules. Should be fun (not). Well I’m going to keep this short as I don’t have lots of time. I’m relying on the Internet access from mum’s motel and need to have this finished in order to drop her off at home. I expect that my blog posts will be few and far between until I get back to a permanent Internet connection but I have a number of ‘work in progress’ posts that I need some time to complete. I plan to keep the blog going but it won’t be as regular as it was in France.
All the best wishes for a great Christmas and happy new year.

Cheers Don, Ange, Jack, Henry, James
Timaru, South Island, New Zealand