Friday, 29 February 2008


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Our first day in the big city and the weather was crappy. We decided to squeeze in some "boring" educational stuff. We clocked up quite a few kilometres, taking in Champs-Elysees, Jardin des Tuileries, Louvre, Forum des Hales, Georges Pompidou, Hotel de Ville and Notre Dame

The boys held up very well - all it took was some bribery aka Mc Donald's for lunch. Which we immediately regretted given the complaints about my selection of kids meals. Thirty euros (or NZD 60) later I think we have finally broken out of the advertising trance.

It was a funny sort of day. Jack's highlight was riding the metro.. he would be happy to do this all day.



James thought these big red lips were really cool. His highlight was riding the merry-go-round at the Hotel de Ville (the Marie of Paris).

I asked him to keep a look out for any pretty girls for me. He took this responsibility very seriously and he kept on saying, " I see one, I see one" and pointed to his mother:)

He will sleep very well tonight.

Henry had the pleasure of holding my hand for most of the day. His highlight was either watching the canal barges on the river Seine go under the bridge or exploring the crypt at Notre Dame. He couldn't decide which.

At least he has forgotten about his earlier obsession with the various "rude bits" which were either on display or missing from the Louvre exhibits!


Mona Lisa

I was pleased to finally see the Mona Lisa painting and could have spent a lot longer at the Louvre if we abandoned the kids.

Notre Dame was impressive. So much so, I could almost have a religious experience: no - no its gone. Sorry Mum.

My highlight was enjoying a fantastic meal at Chez Justine's in Rue Oberkampf, without the kids - we had pre-arranged a babysitter for tonight.





Check out the wannabe Venus de Milo's on the left.

Well, that's a wrap for me tonight. This blogging business can be tiring and time consuming.

Tomorrow if the weather gods are not too unkind we are going to Euro Disneyland.