Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Paris shopping

image After a morning sight seeing in Paris with the 4 boys a girl needs to cut loose on her own and head to the shops for some uninterrupted ogling at all the clothes.  Galeries Layfayette seemed the perfect spot.  It was opened in 1893 and underwent a redesign in 1906.  This is a 9 level shopping centre with each floor about the size of a football field, and the most amazing dome shaped stained glass roof conceivable.  Get this there is a contemporary fashion floor, followed by a seductive fashion floor, followed by a escapism fashion floor.....
From the start the shop "attracted with equal appeal the ladies of the high society and working women, those shop and office employees, seamstresses and other area workers who made time during their lunch breaks to go shopping. They were literally known as "midinettes", literally known as light lunchers. The shop houses every possible "big" brand you might know each with their own security guard outside the shop, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc, etc.  I did visit the Tiffany shop on the "luxury items" floor as I do have a rather significant birthday fast approaching, however no purchases were made this day.  There are some floors with lesser brands however I was happy just to browse, take in the ceiling and to head home with some of the famous Laduree macaroons,  (www.laduree.fr) although I might prefer the ones my friend Audrey makes.... image