Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Tuesday Tune-up

ChocolaitChou Marche MonpazierAlley  

Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • We've had a bit of rain in the last few days, just enough to drop the temperature by a few degrees.  A refreshing break from the heat but I'm already over it and I want the sun back.
  • Mushrooms are always at their best shortly after the rain - so we must get out on another hunt this week.
  • The Biscuit Bunch are off this Saturday for two weeks on a big camping adventure... It is not exactly a well planned trip, we have a few destinations in mind but no timeframes or constraints. We plan to head north east to Switzerland (600km), then due south through Italy (300km) and then meander back along the coast or thereabouts (800km).
  • We get home on Saturday 30th and the kids start back at school on Tuesday 2nd.  I'm sure that the kids are just dying to get back to school to practice their french!
  • I'm curious to understand how Google Maps are updated: our driveway has just appeared as a new tiny road. It does not appear on any other map system (Yahoo, Live or Michelin). Any clues?
  • These photos were taken in Monpazier.  MonPaz is by far our favourite local town - it has the best of everything:  great cafés, really good markets and plenty of interesting alleys and buildings.