Monday, 25 June 2012


Today marks the start of my transition into what termed "Remission". Remission is loosely defined as having no active cancer cells and 'treatment' becomes 'monitoring'. 

I think for any cancer you are considered to be in remission for a 5 year period. Then if there has been no relapse within that period you are considered to be cured.

So life resumes as normal, it is still a bit of a waiting game but odds are definitely in my favour.

Anyway we had took the kids out to their fav restaurant for a quiet celebration of another milestone reached. You may notice that the hair is growing back but for some strange reason it is thiner on top then the sides. It must be some sort of strange side effect:)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Weekend Football


A long weekend, the Queen’s birthday, has resulted in a Saturday sleep in for all Biscuits.  No rugby scheduled for the boys, however Jack did have a soccer game, his second this season with his old club.  A loss unfortunately, the sides where evenly matched but Glenfield went down 4 goals to 2.  Jack managed a great goal from a loose rebound in front of the goal, unfortunately although I had camera on hand my view was obscured by other players. See below.

This year the team’s home is Onepoto domain which is just around the corner and a million times nicer than last years drab field at Caribean Drive. Check out the cool seat overlooking the domain.

GoalKick Goal

New Blog Style

Well its been some time and I’m getting tired of the old look..  I have reverted back to a standard template in the hope of unlocking some of the new blogger features. Check out Flipcard off the top menu.  Anyway I plan to have a play with this layout and see what I can do.. What do you think – this is the old look below?
Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 8.13.24 PM