Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Pool Time

The pool has seen quite a bit of use over the last week...  wetsuits are no longer required! Yes.  It is surprising how our two non-swimmers are coping with the lack of a shallow end (the pool is 1.5m deep end to end).

James is jumping in with abandon and paddling his way to the side, he'll be waterborne in no time: a very good outcome. On the weekend I had been trying to convince the kids to go out for another adventure but all they wanted to do was "play in the pool dad"!

Yes.. these pictures don't actually show anyone swimming.  It is a bit hard to take a picture with one hand while still poised to jump-in to effect a rescue: just relax don they'll be fine. 

And what's with the wetsuits.. I thought.. OK so the pictures are a few days old.