Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

dlion bigarouquevillageondordogne makeasplash roses

Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • I had another parenting break-through in the last week: I have been struggling to reinforce the boys french but it is really hard to keep their concentrated up. That was until I put my trust in the good 'ol BBC. They have a very good french language web site. Now the routine is to sit the boys in front of the computer and let them just get on with it. They are hooked and I'm having to tell them to go play outside.
  • Check out the size of these dandelions we picked - they are huge. I plan get some more spring nature shots posted - it is a fantastic time of the year.
  • Came across this beautifully hill side hamlet of Bigarogue (Map Here) while travelling back from Le Bugue the other day. This photo just doesn't do it justice, the Dordogne rivers along the base of the hill side and the views from the village back up the valley are amazing.
  • The pool is getting lots of action but the weather this week has been crap. The photo of Henry on the old bush track shows how bad it was. This was taken about 50m below the bottom fence and most of the runoff is from this property.
  • The boys have been very excited to host our first visitor. They have been well spoilt by Serene (or Dr Hu as they still like to call her). She leaves tomorrow on the train to Bordeaux to start a bus tour through Europe.
  • On Saturday we had a fantastic meal and night out at Le Gaulois the farm/ theme based restaurant I mentioned in a previous blog. As this is now a must visit venue for any visitors, I'm only going to tempt them with this one picture (below) so as not to spoil all the surprise.

Cheers and have a good week.