Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Dad, Are we there yet?

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It’s just around the corner.. only 20 more mins. Ahhhh – That’s what you said last time.

Abel Tasman 2009: What a great experience. I have to rate it right up there with the best. We started off weighed down with food and clothes, it was a tough first 14km to the campsite at Anchorage Bay. Early on Day 2 we quickly arranged for the two heavier backpacks to travel by sea to the next stop and we set off feeling much lighter. The scenery was world class (now that we could enjoy it) – dotted with lots of sandy bays to cool off in. Just fantastic! On day 2 I declared Bark Bay to be the most beautiful beach in the world but that record was broken by Awaroa bay on day 3. This trip had everything, lots of sun, surf, a bit of rain, great tracks, appreciation of home comforts and some of the best coastline that the world has to offer.. I can’t wait to do it again in a few years time.

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