Sunday, 6 April 2008

Tournoi de football

Mum and boys in background having a picnic.

On Samedi Jack had his first few games for his team, la Menaurie. The instructions on what was happening were somewhat foggy (language again) but we managed to follow the others to the town of Lalinde around 40km away.

There was a mini-tournament with around 6 teams participating. Jack's team had two close games which they lost.

Jack played well, came close to scoring a few times and really enjoyed himself, which is of course the most important thing. I'm sure the team will want him back as a regular player.


Note: the full size goals!

After the games we headed back (by ourselves) on a windy route through to Monpazier where we stopped to celebrate Jack's first "international cap" with some Pizza. Along the way we also stumbled across the very grand Chateau de Lanquais. We had a quick look around the gardens and agreed to add this to our "places to visit" list.

Lanquais2Lanquais Lanquais3