Sunday, 15 February 2009

Weet-Bix Tryathlon

Jack competed in the Weetbix Tryathlon event today. It was an early start for us Biscuits.. out of the house by 7:30 and over to Narrow Neck Beach for the pre-race setup.
His younger brothers watched patiently and behaved very well as the event stretched out through the morning and into early afternoon. Jack's age group was one of the last to set off but he found a school friend or two in the race start area which helped to kill time.
The sea conditions weren't perfect but everything else was 'just right'. He really enjoyed the cycle and was well knacked by the end of the run. His brothers were very jealous and can't wait to be old enough to join in the fun. I don't think I could manage three full sets of photo's as I had to cover a fair bit of ground to bring you this lot below.. Another great day in Auckland.
Narrow Neck Beach
The Swim
The Transition
The Cycle
The Run
The Medal
The Champ
The Champ

The finish line beckons..

Well Done Jack..

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Auckland enjoys hottest day ever

5:06PM Thursday Feb 12, 2009

A MetService weather station at Whenuapai Air Base has recorded the hottest temperature reading ever in Auckland.

Temperatures peaked at 32.4 degrees Celsius, equalling the previous high recorded in the Auckland Domain in February 1872 - 137 years ago.


Another hot summer day, well by Auckland standards  as 32.something degrees isn't exactly steaming.  The humidity is very high though.

It was our 15 year wedding anniversary today and my present involved spending the day on the scaffold around the back of the house on the end of a heat gun. 

Had the i-Pod going inside the ear-muffs, this painting lark should keep me busy for a few weeks.

I'm pretty happy with the scaffolding that I picked up on trademe for $150.


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Coffee Delight


One of the 'must haves' of our post-European life (WTF!) is a Phillips Senseo coffee machine.  These espresso units are very popular in Europe but are not marketed in NZ probably 'cause they don't have a milk frother.  

We got our Senseo through a local chain of Dutch Delicatessen Retail Shops.  Ange is the barista in the family and I'm not allowed to use our other coffee machine but I have been assigned to Senseo duty as they are so easy to operate. 

We are testing out the different brands of espresso pods to decide which ones we prefer.  So if you are in the neighbourhood feel free to call in for a coffee.

Back to School (Horay!)

JamesFirstDay IMG_2550 IMG_2557  

The boys went back to school on Wednesday, they only get two days this week as tomorrow is a public holiday (it is just like being back in France).

It all went well.  Old friendships were easily renewed and they all seemed totally relaxed.  I did miss our discussions over the school lunch menu though.. in NZ we call this the lunch-box and it is of the BYO variety.

This term Jack's class is working on the 'metric system'  - which he covered last year and he is chuffed to be off to a head start.

Sending the kids off to school at least means that Ange and I get a bit more time to organise things.  We popped in to see our accountant yesterday and we are looking forward to getting a tax refund from the government.

It has been really hot and humid in Auckland, great if you are camping near the beach but less so when we are hanging around and working at home.  Anyway it all bodes well for a long hot summer.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

la photo du jour


Team New Zealand complete an unbeaten run through the first round robin of the Louis Vuitton Pacific with a victory over French syndicate Pataugas K-Challenge.

Dean Barker won the start and the Emirates Team New Zealand boat maintained the lead throughout the race.

The upset of the day came when the South African's Team Shosholoza downed Swiss Team Alinghi.  Good Stuff!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Last Days of Freedom

School starts back on Wednesday. 2009 will be other big year for the boys: fitting back in, Jack's last year at primary school and James' first year. The school bags aren't packed yet but otherwise we are all ready (and waiting) for the big day.

It has been a slow week... I spent most of it removing a few truckloads of trees that had outgrown our back yard. Ange and I have been back into town for job interviews and we are still finding that there is more unpacking and sorting to do.

On Sunday there was a community fun day down in Stafford park. A water-slide was erected on a steep bank overlooking the park and Ange took the boys for some fun.

Nothing like a bit of water and soap on plastic sheeting to keep young minds preoccupied for a FEW HOURS.


I took this somewhat grainy video but it suits the purpose and shows Jack finishing in fine style.

At least this was an improvement on his last video slide attempt - I still have to send that footage into funniest home video's.