Saturday, 29 November 2008

On the road again


Not much happening in the rear view mirror.. at least I can tilt it down and keep an eye on the rats in the back seat.

Took around 8.5 hours, including a few short stops, to get from the Dordogne to Normandie.  We stayed on the motorway most of the way... easy driving.

The gite (house) we are renting is really nice. We are off to bed early.

Falling Behind

So much happening I feel like I need to stop time in order to record all the memories of these last few days in France.  Tonight is our last night at our 'home' here in the Dordogne.. we leave early tomorrow bound for the town of Bayeux in Normandie.  It is around 8 hours drive away so it will be a long day.. we plan to stick to the motorway but would have been a better idea to split the journey in two and take the road less travelled. Can't do everything!

I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to get Internet access in Normandie.. so blog wise the next week may be a bit dry.

It has been a full on and interesting day.  It was last day at school for the boys. Maybe even more importantly their last school lunch - sorry I've lost the menu.  They are in for a nasty surprise at Northcote Primary next year.. packed lunches can't compete with these French cafeterias.

We took along treats (bonbons) and cake as is birthday custom.. James got all confused and thought it was a birthday celebration for him even though it isn't his birthday.  We also took along some small gifts for the teachers to say thanks.  The head teacher at Le Got school is very disappointed to see James leave...  she has been fantastic with the kids all year. As we left Le Got we had scores of children all madly waving and screaming goodbye. It was quite moving.  Jack also had a good day.. his friends at school made a fuss of him and he also received a letter from one of the girls at his school but is not showing it to us. 

We had lunch with the owners of this house and their daughter down in the village.  It was good to eat there one last time.. but we also went back and ordered some take-away pizza tonight.  The food was great as usual..  I had paté for starters, a fantastic lasagna for my main and peach tart for desert. This came to €10.50 which also included wine. 

This morning Ange and I had a frantic and determined last cleaning of the house.. it has been a work in progress all week.  The idea was to invite the owners back to the house for an inspection after lunch.  That has all gone well and they plan to come around tomorrow, with coffee hopefully, to see us off around at 8am.

This afternoon the invoice for our freight luggage arrived (€950 for 164kg).  This was more good news as a. it was what I had been expecting  b. it means the luggage has arrived in Paris and is not bound for Mumbai.   Everything is slowly falling into place and my stress levels are back to around a relaxed "3rd glass of wine" level.  This is another good sign as over compensation tends result in a sore head in the morning.  

The car is now packed like a can of sardines.. tomorrow there is just enough room (I hope) for three little anchovies and mum + dad in front. I also just received an email from my travel agent warning me that Emirates are having a "overweight  baggage blitz" so we will have to do some more luggage culling between here and Charles De Gaulle.  

We have decided to hold onto our car while we are in Paris, it will be the easiest way to get back to the airport. I'm also quite keen to drive around Paris, to gain a new perspective, although I am expecting this novelty to wear off quickly.  We found a reasonably priced parking garage just 50m from our apartment, I should be able to move the luggage in three or four trips.

Hopefully this won't be my last post for a week..