Saturday, 24 November 2007

Bigger Map

Yes Denise, I can provide a bigger map to show you where we are going!

You can also check it out on Google Maps, Click Here



The big day has arrived.  Lots of cool presents - the boys all wrote some nice  birthday cards and then we went up to Sausilito for breakfast.  I picked up good friends Don and Umi from the Airport and dropped them off at their apartment in the city.  They are over from Sydney leaving little Arnica at home with her grandparents.

Big party tonight at Float!  Have to post some pictures tomorrow.

Party Invite

24th November in History

1859       Published               "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin
1888       Born                       Dale Carnegie
1943       Born                       Billy Connolly in Scotland
       Died                       Lee Harvey Oswald shot by Jack Ruby
1967       Born                       Donovan Bisset in Durban, RSA
1969       Landed                    Apollo 12 returns to Earth
1991       Died                        Freddie Mercury aged 45
2005       Law change             Round-the-clock drinking in England and Wales allowed
2007       Birthday                   Birthday celebrations rock downtown Auckland