Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Jardin update


They say timing is everything...  Well it seems I have a bit to learn as while the Bisset's have been enjoying lettuce from our garden for about 8 weeks I only picked the first tomato yesterday (photo below), just as the lettuce is finishing???

The star of the garden for me has to be the courgette, stunning flowers and a plentiful supply of the fruit which just seems to grow and grow.

I have pretty much harvested all the potatoes now along with the onions and garlic all ready for Don to make delicious and nourishing soups.

I still have some carrots and beans growing amongst the every growing weeds.

The fruit trees are going well, plenty of apples, figs and grapes are just about there.


IMG_6519  IMG_6522  IMG_6516

Treasures found

AngeItems3 AngeItems2 AngeItems TableclothDown TableclothUp  

They say one persons junk is anothers treasure and that has certainly been the case in the last few vide-greniers I have been too.

As mentioned in earlier blogs vide-greniers are a garage sale on a mass scale because private garage sales are not allowed.

I have been getting good at spotting the professionals who come to the vide-greniers not only by their prices but also by the same products that I have been admiring, but quickly walking away from.  I went on my own to St Pompont the other day for a blissful few hours of browsing by myself.  I purchased many items for only €1 which upon our return to NZ will provide memories for many years to come. Some people might see rust, but I just see character. The enamel jugs feature pretty regularly in all the markets so I needed to add a few to my collection. The old candle holders which I think are quite interesting are about 100 years old and feature a face which you might pick up if you enlarge the photo.

The bottom photographs show my new reversible tablecloth that was a present from Ros and her sister Lainey.  It is just gorgeous with roosters, ducks and the alphabet as a border.  Don asked if we could use it to have lunch on today, "no way" I said.  I guess I will have to give in eventually but right now it's still my new pride and joy. 

The Fete du Livre in Monpazier that I went to unearthed another €1 bargain that I just love.  I just need a beautiful frame to finish it off.  It is an old piece of paper with the worlds LE BON ANGE on it which translates as The Good Angel.  I thought it was just perfect.