Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Tuesday Tuneup

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Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • It is good to be back in London, it still has a very familiar feel about it. 
  • Many observations: the Oyster Card has replaced the weekly tube pass as the cheapest way to get around.  Most of the main supermarkets just about only stock organic products, very few products have artificial anything not even good 'ol flavour enhancer 621.
  • We had a nice meal at Khan's restaurant to celebrate Ange's birthday.  I had invited the Queen but she was a no show (we can't let those damn Aussies form a republic before we do).  Khans was a popular haunt for our parties back in the 80ties and still seems to be going strong.
  • Been a bit slow on the posts, can't blame Internet access or kids, just been lazy or busy, probably both. Also have a bad head cold so not feeling too flash.
  • We saw a big motorcade going through Holborn, we thought it might be someone important but it was just Princess Anne.
  • Boys love the double-deck buses. James has mastered the art of falling asleep within 1 stop. Haven't caught a cab yet.
  • We are finding everything quite expensive.. except onions and potatoes (Ange pipes up in the background).  
  • We are really missing the cheap wine (at least the liver is getting a rest).
  • One good thing is that the kids travel for free on public transport.. this really makes a big difference. We have noticed a trend in Europe that prices for young children are either free or significantly reduced.
  • Well done to Kevin and Chrissy on completing the King of the Bays - great results.
  • These pictures (left) were taken at Norfolk Square: the scene of the crime so to speak, that is, where Angela and I were living when we first met.
  • And yes.. a signal failure at Earls Court will still totally cripple the underground network.