Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Great Tomato Fund Raiser

Our veggie garden has been working overtime this year… must be all the rain.  We planted around 10 tomato plants and they have gone off.  Impossible to count how many tomatoes that we have harvested but it must be getting close to 100kg if not more.

For some reason scooters are back in fashion and the young boys both want new ones.  Rather than cave into pressure we insisted they had to pay for these themselves.. so for the past two weeks I've been bombarded with money raising schemes - most of which involve us paying them for things which they should be doing anyway.

So as the mother load of tomato crops came in, I came up with the idea that they could sell these on Queen street.  James was super enthusiastic and straight away got stuck in to the project of cleaning, weighing and packing.  Henry finally came around to the idea once he saw the profit in it and was most put out by my suggestion that his share of the profits would only be 33.3%.

James setup shop yesterday after cricket and Henry joined him we he got home an hour later… I thought maybe it was yet another one of my schemes that would fail miserably - there wasn't  that much foot traffic and I didn't think anyone was going to stop.  I left James all on his own and checked on him every 10-15 mins or so. Sure enough the sales just ticked over and within two hours they sold all their stock.  The result two very excited budding entreprenuers actively planning how to spend their profits and planning their next venture. They are back out there this morning selling more bags that were harvested overnight.

What of Jack you ask?  Well he had his hands full this weekend - a couple of girls in his new high school class had invited him to the movies on the weekend.  He was a bit pre-occupied with this prospect, which as per "teenager" mode was very poorly planned, i.e. they agreed to go see a movie but didn't think to plan what movie, what time and what place.  Obviously the movie was secondary to the idea of catching up out of school..   It all worked out in the end. Phew.