Sunday, 30 September 2007

Where in France?

We had lots of questions about where in France are we going. The first part of the answer is that we don't know for certain yet.. We need to secure visas before we can finalise rental accommodation and schools.
The map above highlights the general search area of the Midi-Pyrenees; Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence. This covers the general area of the South & South West France.
Lot and Quercy Region of FranceI'm particularly keen on the Quercy/ Lot region. To date it has come out on top in most of our searching for property and schools. It is also the region were I have spent most of my time in France to date.

The area is full of medieval villages, castles, caves and other exciting stuff. Check out the link above to visit a good site.

Windows Live Writer

Yehaa - new toys to play with. Just installed Windows Live Writer (beta). Provides a word-like interface for posts to Blogger and other common blog sites. More layout options!