Monday, 30 June 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

JackStag A prehistoric species of deer. This particular specimen is a big bigger than the one I hit with the car.
Ishouldorderedaicecream Hmm. I wonder if James will finish his?
AngeJackBeer Don you have chocolate on your nose. 
Ange checks out a cheese stall in Libos
AngeMarket Ange in heaven - Don bored to death


Welcome to a rather early weekly ramble:

  • We have a busy few days ahead of us so I'm getting this post off early. 
  • The kids are off tomorrow on their overnight school trip to La Rochelle. They leave at 07h00 and get back on Tuesday at 22h00. Ange and I are heading off south at the same time to Narbonne (on the Mediterranean coast), where we plan to stay overnight in the charming seaside resort of Gruissan near the old village.  Ange doesn't know this yet and I'm hoping that she won't have time to check out this post in the morning.  So the kids are heading 300km North and we heading 300km South. Hopefully the rendezvous on Tuesday will go as planned and we'll get the kids back in one piece or three (whole) pieces.
  • Last Wednesday we headed to Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil which is renowned for the discovery of the first five skeletons of Cro-Magnons, the earliest known examples of Homo Sapiens.  The French have built a large museum on the site and it is dedicated all things pre-history.  We had good look around and then retired to a local café for some ice cream and beer.
  • On Thursday Ange and I headed to the market at Libos before a  huge shop at the the Lidel and LeClerc at Montayral.  As you know I just love shopping - it was such a fun day!  On Friday we headed to Perigueux for some.... shopping. We have two birthdays coming up in July and this week was the last chance to get away before school breaks up. Two days shopping in a row, it was like I had died and gone to heaven.  The best part getting back into the nice warm car as it was quite chilly outside (31º).
  • Also managed to mow the front lawns this week. The second paddock is pretty steep and it is a task that is not for the faint hearted. I think I have it sorted now.
  • Had a good time at the school fête last night - I will put out a separate post on this later in the week. We got home 23h30 to find the sheep (Briggs & Stratton) wondering down the street. Managed to round them up with the help on Jack and Henry (James had fallen asleep), then we jumped in the pool to cool off and headed to bed at 00h30  (P.s. French don't use AM/PM so I'm trying to get stick to the 24h00 system).
  • Great BBQ lunch today. After their late night the kids only woke up at around 10h00 so we ended up having a lazy old day around the pool.
  • Did I mentioned how much I like shopping (ok I know this is wearing thin now) but anyway in between all this weeks shopping excitement I managed to take a few shots to show you how the "coin in the shopping trolley" works. Come on New Zealand this is a great system lets adopt it. 

    Step One: return trolley to rack, grab key from trolley in front


    Step Two: Insert key in trolley lock


    Step Three: Redeem coin from lock


Keep reading the Biscuit Bunch for more exciting shopping adventures from France. 

Brocante Finds



As Don has previously exposed me I must confess to a couple of purchases at the Brocante and Vide-Greniers we have gone to. 

Following my sustainability thoughts an old green enamel bowl purchase has become our fruit bowl.  Why buy new when old is just as good? And yes the courgette in the bowl is from our garden.  My first courgette every grown, very exciting. 

My other purchase is an old demi (half) litre jug that may have been used for milk or other things in years gone by.  It has lots of markings on it and I would love to find out how old it is, so if anyone knows how I can research these markings please let me know.

The table cloth is also second hand, with the initials MC embroidered onto it.  Not sure if this was someone's initials or whether it stands   for M.....Castle or Chateau??  Again I would love to know where this gorgeous linen table cloth once came from.


IMG_5192   IMG_5190