Thursday, 3 January 2008

French Lessons

This entry is well overdue and it should be in both English and French. But alias you won't see any bilingual entries for a while yet.

One of the key objectives of this adventure is for the family to learn a second language. The benefits of being multi-lingual is undervalued by the NZ educational system and we believe that it will be very beneficial for our kids to be multi-lingual.

The kids have had a few lessons on how French sounds and have been learning key words, days of week etc. Mum and Dad have been learning about grammar basics, for example: verbs, which has been very interesting. Note: in this context "interesting" should be pronounced "difficult" or when applying to the masculine as "really difficult". Mona, our teacher has been very patient with us - she is a real star.

To give you an example of what we are up to, here is the basic context that I'm still trying to memorise:

to have


to be


I have j'ai
I am je suis
you have tu as
you are tu es
he has il a
it/ he is il est
she has elle a
it/ she is elle est
we have nous avons
we are nous sommes
you have vous avez
you are vous etres
they have ils ont
they are ils sont
they have elles ont
they are elles sont

to have not


not to be


I je n'ai pas
I je ne suis pas
you tu n'as pas
you tu n'es pas
she il n'a pas
she il n'est pas
he elle n'a pas
he elle n'est pas

Well we have 11 months - lets see what happens!