Monday, 6 October 2008


Ange dragged us off to another village market, to Saint-Avit-Sénieur which is just outside Beaumont.  It wasn't so bad, I'm starting to enjoy looking through all this old junk. 

We stopped off in the town for lunch in the gardens of an 11th century Abbey (now in ruins) which was built in honour of St Avit, a hermit who died in 570, but was destroyed during the Wars of Religion.

SundayLunch2 HenryFavShirt IMG_1480
A well earned lunch after our "shopping expedition". Henry 'fav' new shirt The ruins of the old abbey

la photo du jour


Where in the world is Ange?

One minute she is two steps behind you, the next, vanished into thin air.  It happens - all the time.  Especially in all these small towns that have these dinky little shops.. like the one opposite.

What do you do? I don't think that asking "J'ai cherche une femme?" is the right thing to say in a moment like this.

Going back and waiting in the car appears to be the best strategy?