Saturday, 29 December 2007

Moving House

It has been about 8 years, almost to the day, since we have had to pack up house but it all it comes back like a bad dream.

What I want to know is how anyone can collect so much rubbish... We seem to live in a society that is obsessed with consumerism: our parents lived must simpler lives buying only what they needed AND they made sure that things lasted. We should really take a lesson from them.

image I packed up about 12 large bags of surplus clothes but couldn't get rid of them. I exhausted the list of charities in Auckland, they all said that they had closed shop for the year and had more gear then they could get rid off. Eventually Lorraine from Tots corner put me onto the Samoan church just around the corner - saved me a trip to the dump and it was good to know they would not be wasted.

What I find most embarrassing is that we have more substantially more stuff to dispose of then to put in storage.

Anyway, after three days of solid effort we are finally getting close. I'm sorting through a huge collection of odds and ends in the lounge and Ange is working on finishing the kitchen. The downstairs room that we are using for storage is packed to the ceiling and is near overflowing. Some of the kids toys will need to go under the house,

We hope to be finished packing tomorrow and can get onto cleaning and the various odd jobs that need doing.

We have five days until James and George more in!!!!