Saturday, 31 March 2012

Henry Cricket


Henry’s first season of hard ball cricket has come to a successful  end.  He’s done quite well with his inherited skills which thankfully skipped a generation on my side of the family and were assisted with a healthy infusion of cricket genes from the Beeby side of the family.

Most important of all is that he has had real fun even despite his team not picking up any wins.  A great picture up top of him claiming a wicket in last weeks game, along with an ‘almost’ catch in the pic down below.

He has taken up following and watching the Black Caps this session, which I put down as the reason for some of his wayward blocking shots, see the classic Black Caps defensive block on display in the 3rd photo on the right:)

Parent wise its a pretty disruptive weekend sport with games starting at 8:30 and finishing at 12:45.  Although I have to credit Ange for most of the effort this session as I’ve been able to play the health card to full effect.  Also thanks to Ros who has filled in on a number of occasions.

Jury is out as to whether he will continue next year.