Thursday, 22 May 2008

Gouffre de Proumeyssac

Just at the entrance, a man-made tunnel leading into the main chamber. 
proumeyssac proumeyssac_two
Some web photo's of the cave
(visitors are not supposed to take pictures inside the cave and in any event  pictures in the dark don't exactly do justice to this place).
Bit of a bush walk afterwards, the kids still needed to burn off some energy and besides dad reckoned he could find some more caves:) Not likely.


After a couple of quiet weeks I felt that we were somewhat overdue for another adventure.  I was really keen to try out a few caves and had read good things about this cave just outside the town of Le Bugue. 

Le Bugue is a beautiful town on the Vézère river, along which many of the great prehistoric caves of Southwest France are located.  Check out our Adventure Map for location details.  

I was expecting a large cave system but this was a large caven.  The rather dangerous sink hole entrance was known to the locals back in the 18th century but the caven wasn't explored until 1907. 

The caven is 57m deep and roughly 80m wide, it has some really amazing stalactites, stalagmites and various calcium draperies and column formations.

The tour was quite short around 35m but we saw everything. I was a little disappointed, I suppose I prefer the sort of caves that go on for miles.  The sort of place you can get lost in or at least loose a kid or three.  We will have to keep looking.....

"This isn't as big as the black-hole cave in NZ, Dad"