Thursday, 7 August 2008

Marché de Producteurs de Pays

Church Henry Jack
We had some great meals out lately - night food markets! What a cool idea. They are called producers markets or Marché de Producteur.

Producers markets are held in the local villages in agricultural areas.  The village sets out tables and sometimes provides entertainment.  Locals and tourists can pick out (purchase) food and drink from the various vendors. 

Everything from snails to... well everything!

Another great community activity.

We took Lainey and Ros to a Loubejac (where they do it in style) and we have twice been to the local night market in Villefranche. 

Night markets run throughout August, normally held once a week in each village. Villefranche is on Tuesday nights and Loubejac on Thursdays.  The food is basic but all tasty and fresh produce and its cheap!

We are planning a few more visits. 

MarchePVilleF2 MarchePVilleF  MarchePVilleF3 MduPatLoubejac