Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Tuesday Tune-up

Check out the compulsory swim cap James is wearing in the freezing campground pool in Spain.
Picture of Craig and Jack rock surfing

Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • The Lyon's left us yesterday, they were back off to Toulouse airport on route to Nice and then Shanghai and eventually home (Auckland).  I had to include a picture of Craig perched on a rock from our Sunday adventure.
  • I have only just got back from Toulouse airport myself. My mum arrived just before midday today and we got home around 3pm.  She has stretched out near the pool and is spoiling the kids rotten as usual. Considering that she has spent the last 30 odd hours in the air and in transit lounges, she is doing well.
  • Birthday notices: James turns five tomorrow (16th) and the day after Henry's turns seven.  We haven't invited any other kids over as we are planning on a few family outings/ treats.
  • Ange is getting slack with her posts - a few weeks ago she promised me one on the veggie garden.  Anyway - here is a quick update: We been getting lots of servings of fresh lettuce, onion, courgette's and potatoes. The tomatoes are looking good but will need a few more weeks. The property also has numerous fruit tree's so we are watching the apples and figs ripen along with the grapes of course.
  • All the boys (and dad) have haircuts booked for tomorrow.  No doubt it will be another interesting french language adventure.
  • I'll keep this short as I have presents to wrap and its been a long day.