Saturday, 16 August 2008

Meeting Aérien à Belvès


We had a great adventure today, we spent pretty much the whole day at the Belvès (pronounced Bell-vess) air show.

Once again the entrance for children was free. How do we get this concept to catch on in New Zealand?

We took along a picnic table and had lunch in between exercising the neck muscles and checking out the planes and displays.

IMG_6950 IMG_7017 IMG_6968 IMG_6994

In case you have missed it, one of the Biscuit bunch plans to be jet fighter pilot when he grows up. Initially he wanted to be a F1 racing driver but this gave way to a football career with Man United ('cause you get lots of money to buy cool cars).

Now these two dreams are on hold while Jack decides which air force he will have to join ('cause jet planes go faster than cars dad). James intends to do whatever his big brother does but Henry is not that interested in planes, he just wants to become a lifeguard so he can watch girls in bikini's. Isn't growing up fun!

So can imagine how excited young Jack was to try out the jet simulator which was built into the front section of a F1 Mirage.

He was given some tuition in French and managed a few corkscrews before his turn was up.

The highlight of the day for the rest of us had to be Alpha jet display.

The Alpha Jet is a light jet attack and advanced trainer aircraft. After seeing all the prop-planes in action it was quite impressive how much faster this was.

IMG_7176 IMG_7053 IMG_6978 IMG_7177