Monday, 26 May 2008

Beynac Revisited

A quick post to catch up on the days other activities.  Ange took the kids and Serene out on an adventure today..  They took in the market at Saint Cyprien and revisited Beynac - an obvious highlight for the boys. 

Here are a few random snaps from the adventure.

The imposing fortress of Chateau Beynac. Looking back out to Castelnaud and Milandes (nearest).
donttouch market
Five points if you can work out what the sign says! Saint Cyprien markets

Rain Again


It poured down today.  I haven't seen anything like it.. since.. well, since every other day in Auckland. 

This thick heavy rain just seemed to come and go all day.  It fortunately missed Ange's trip to the market and Beynac which is the subject of the next blog.

This afternoon Henry was driving his mum and brothers crazy so I took him out for a walk to survey the neighbourhood for flood damage.  We both got thoroughly drenched and had a nice hot bath when we got home.

Bonne FĂȘte Maman!


Today is Mothers Day in France. This made me realise that I must have missed Mothers Day in NZ, which yes I understand was 2 weeks ago.

Henry and Jack had both made me small boxes at school and James had made a wind chime which is now sitting in pride of place on our door to alert us to any visitors arriving.

Don had taken Henry into Villefranche yesterday to buy me something and they chose two boxes. Don did not know what the kids had been up to at school and suggested to Henry today that he might have mentioned it yesterday. Oh well I now have plenty of storage for all my bits and bobs. Don does know I am a hoarder and now you all do too!