Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Check Up (Health Update)

Fuck its Friday already.   Got some good news today - CAT scan results from yesterday showed all other lymph nodes were clean so at this stage the cancer is located only in the chest (mediastinal).  Also found out yesterday that I start treatment first thing Monday morning.  I'm still waiting for the results back from Wednesday's bone marrow biopsy - should hear back early next week.

Its been a wild ride these last two weeks and I'm still pretty amazed at the speed and momentum that has built up since discovery on 21st December.  While some of the speed has to be attributed to having scans done privately, I certainly can't fault the public system which has been fantastic.  I like to think that they are trying to make up for missing the tumor when I was admitted back in November but the reality is that (this time around) they seem to be really onto it.

My treatment is being handled by the Haematology department of North Shore Hospital and starts Monday at 9am.. drugs go in intravenously over a six hour period.  Go home and chill watching for any reactions.. followup with blood tests over the next two weeks.  Check up in third week.  The cycle repeats every 21 days, at this stage the plan is to go for 6-8 cycles before a full reassessment.  We will get a good sense of the effectiveness of the treatment during the third cycle, probably through another CT scan.  The goal initially is to eradicate the tumor completely and then monitor the situation closely.  Its all about taking one step at a time.

I'm going to have some fun with this.. watch this space for some interesting hair styles. It will all fall out eventually and then you won't be able to tell me and my brother apart).  In the second week of each treatment, I'll have to take extra care to stay away from all sorts of luggies as my immunity will be lower than normal.  Otherwise I should be fine to carry on as per normal..

I'm really looking forward to getting the OK to start back into a fitness regime and there is also some really exciting stuff happening at work that I'm keen to contribute to.  I'll have to find a replacement to cover my work down in Wellington as I'm not going to be able travel down to the capital every week like last year.  Other than that - life continues as normal - I'm feeling Uber positive and looking forward to some new/ challenging/ interesting life experiences.

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