Monday, 9 January 2012

Day One - Fail

Today ended up being a dry-run.  Arrived spot on time. Had line put in. Popped Pre-meds. Then was informed there had been a mix-up between ward and pharmacy - Chemo drugs weren't ready.  I successfully revisited the impulsion to go all Rambo and burn the place down while confronting the armed defenders squad welding a blood pressure monitor as a mallet.   It was 50-50 call… decided to opt for a "I'm very disappointed" tone especially since I will be seeing quite a bit of these people over the next year.
So back home now - back into hospital tomorrow.  I'm sure this is only a one off.. rest assured if it happens again you hear about it on One News.


  1. Lots of strength tomorrow! And talking about hairstyles, it can only improve from the picture above :-)

  2. Ha - that got a good laugh out of me and thanks for comment.