Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday Tuneup

Its been awhile - but something recently reminded of why I'm are doing this and I have to make an effort to catch-up on the 'ol blog front.

Today was the first day of term 4, which incidentally is Jack's last term before heading to high school at Takapuna.

The RWC has been all consuming and we are all looking forward to a break from test rugby. Boys are spending every spare moment kicking balls and playing touch or tackle.  They all want to play rugby next year - so be it!

Cricket season starts this week, boys play their first game this weekend.

Well - I'm pretty unimpressed with my first Tuesday tuneup since Dec 2008 but I'll do better next week.


  1. Awsome Don. I am already excited for next week!

  2. Keep the punters eager and wanting to come back for more I say. Plus this will give you something to do as you partake of the wine and cheese at Koru each Tuesday and who knows the more wine the better the post.

  3. 2 comments already - wow. Yes Ange.. wine and cheese tuesday tuneup.