Monday, 24 October 2011

Rugby World Cup Final

Sunday 23 October:  The French turned up to play and fortunately the AB didn't quite manage the old choke maneuver. 

The Biscuit Bunch went on an adventure into town.  Which was incidentally packed to rafters and rocking.  We arrived and scored a sneaky park at the good 'ol Fish Markets. PERFECT.  Tripped around the Viaduct crowd watching. PERFECT.  Then called into our fav. restaurant Moonsoon Poon. seated. food. PERFECT.  

Finally headed around viaduct passed all the sad 'Nigel no Friends' on their massive yachts back to fish market to watch the game. Great Venue. PERFECT.  Game On. NOT PERFECT. Very scary in fact.  We Won. MIRACLE.  

After the win we shot out to presentation and watch fire works and then back into town to join in the party. PERFECT.  


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