Saturday, 13 December 2008

We are off!!!!

Thats it.. all bags packed except for my computer bag.  Checked luggage weighs in at around 108kg, our limit is 100kg but there are a few items we can ditch if we have to. I had better keep quiet about all the carry-on stuff in the hope that Emirates don't notice it.  

The car is pretty full.. it is just 27km to the airport and the dial tells me that I have 50km of diesel left.. The idea with euro lease is that you hand the car back empty, which in this case I'm interpreting quite literally.

We are going to arrive at the airport with hours to spare, our plane leaves at 9pm, which is 12pm local time Dubai, we arrive at 6:40am local and Denise has arranged a big day for us to explore the sights of Dubai.  No pressure or In her own words we just have "to suck it up".

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