Friday, 12 December 2008

One More Sleep

We have finally reached the end of this grand adventure.. our first as a family.  It's a big milestone and the significance is not lost on either Ange or I.  This adventure was an ambitious undertaking from its conception and it not over, not by a long way. We are still a long way from home, still have to get settled back into jobs and get the kids reestablished at school.

Then we have to start planning the next big adventure....

I don't think I can express all the powerful emotions that I've been experiencing these last few days: longing for home, desire to accomplish more, regret for missed opportunities and mostly a sense of satisfaction, individually and for the whole family. 

We did this...  it wasn't like bumming around Europe in our carefree early twenties.  This was uprooting a family and resettling in a foreign language and culture.  I'm very proud of this achievement, especially for the boys, who despite the school lunches were thrown far into the deep end both at school and socially.

Tomorrow evening we leave Charles de Gaulle bound for Dubai on route to Auckland.  It looks like all our remaining "checked" luggage will come in under the 100kg limit but this was a near thing as just today we stumbled upon a  brocante shop while on an afternoon stroll around the neighbourhood.

IMG_1629 IMG_1640 IMG_1643

We had a fantastic last meal tonight.  The owner of the apartment came over to drop off the deposit cheque and recommended a small cafe/ tavern a few blocks away.  It turned out to be just the type of restaurant we had been looking for: very french, not too flash and with a good selection.  Perhaps a year ago, I would have also had to include "with a menu suitable for our kids"  but these days they'll try anything, in fact tonight Henry had king prawns marinated in garlic and basil with basmati rice.


  1. Well Done Biscuit Bunch,

    Thanks very much for giving us a window into your most excellent adventure. I know I have been inspired and Im sure Im not the only one.

    Have a safe trip home, with a shopping enriched time in Dubai :) and Merry Christmas.


  2. Hey Don & Ange,

    I second Gary's comments. Have been lurking reading your blog all the way through - it's been awesome stuff and inspirational to the rest of us back here in NZ.

    Have a great trip back, and all the best for Xmas :)



  3. I have to admit I will miss opening iGoogle and hoping to see some entries in Google Reader to see what the Bisset's have been up to, your big adventure was no small undertaking and I would love to think it is something our family could do but knowing me I wouldn't pick up the courage to up root my self.

    On the plus side it will be great to see you in person rather than at the end of a blog so have a great trip home and a good break in Timaru and we will see you in the new year.