Monday, 17 November 2008

la photo du jour

The hamlet of Saint Cernin de l'Herm in the late autumn sun, it is pronounced "San Surnan de laHerm".   Jack's school (and the Marie) is just off centre in the picture, the church steeple is jutting out behind it.  Our house is at the top of the hill behind the trees just to the left of the church steeple.  I took this while Jack was at football yesterday, there was no match they just had training.


  1. Hi Don, I see you have just subscribed as a follower to our blog and we are very pleased to have you. Your own blog is easily one of the best I have seen – well thought and laid out, well written, good pics, interesting and rather eclectic range of subjects within a theme. Very well done. Liked the googlemaps a lot. I haven't had a chance to read all of it, and may never do, but I take it you must be winding up in preparation to head back to NZ now? It's so nice to see people like you being courageous and taking these big life style choices and reporting on them – so inspiring for others. The trick is 'peu en peu' n'est-ce pas?

    Stay in touch and come see us if you are ever in the Loire.

  2. Thanks Susan.. your comment much appreciated. I have been following your 'Carte de Sejour' posts.. We had to go through the process twice once to get a visas then again to get the Carte itself. It was good character building stuff.

  3. Don – wrong Susan :-) I'm the one who is Australian and in the Touraine. Susan who has just got her Carte de Sejour is American and lives in Lille.