Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Gotta love Google


While there are a few big companies that have impressed me in the past, I don't believe I have ever felt the urge to reach out and thank one.  In fact, Google, I'm pretty sure you are the first. 

Please give me a minute as I authenticate using my Google email account to access my Google Blogger web site.  I plan to upload some photo's to the Google Picasa web site but first I have to trim and adjust them using Google's Picasa 3 photo software.  These photo's (below) show a brand new fascinating Google Map feature called STREET VIEW.  This feature is a great addition to the Google Map service and Google Earth software, which we rely heavily on to navigate our way around France.   Still, however powerful, this web service is nowhere near as useful as Google Translate, without which I'm sure that my family and I would have starved to death.  Starving perhaps, but at least never bored, as I have my Google Home Page with dozens of Google Gadgets to keep track of all the news happening in the world.  To top everything I've just discovered Google Reader.... now I'm able to keep track of many more interesting blogs than I had ever thought possible.

Possibly the most amazing Google feature of all is that all these fantastic services, including all the data storage,  are paid for by some mysterious advertising that I hardly ever see and rarely take notice of.

Google - Thank you! I love your work, all of it.  I also trust in the knowledge that your amazing search engine will find, record and take some pleasure in this humble thank-you post.



  1. I tend to feel the same way I use almost all the same features from Google as you, not the translation much but the others are all up there. Google Reader is how I keep track of all your posts and I would find it hard to be without it these days.

    I was showing my Dad the Street View the other day and he was able to show my sister the hotel they would be staying in when in Paris and then the route to the local bread shop that they used last time they were there, he was really impressed and I think he will be using it a lot more in the future as he is already hooked on Google Earth.

  2. Now we just need them to provide a version of the SkyDrive and we'll be 100% Google