Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up

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Welcome to the Tuesday Ramble:

  • I have discovered a tiny scratch on the lens of my camera. It must have happened when we visited the sand dunes at Dune du Pyla.  I had noticed a smudge or blur  on some of my photo's and went looking for the cause.  No way to fix it so maybe its time to upgrade to a digital SLR - any suggestions?
  • It was a good trip to the caves yesterday. There were dozens of smaller caves and openings all along the route, some of these looked very explorable.. I think a return visit might be in order.
  • We stumbled across the small Chapelle Saint-Roch, which was perched high on a rocky outcrop above the river and road.  I climbed further up the hill to take this picture.
  • This afternoon we have posted our voting papers off to the NZ Embassy in Paris: that is one more thing to tick off the list.  The selection of parties and candidates this year look about as inviting as this old waterhole on the left.
  • Our end of year plans are now almost finalised.
    • Leave the Dordogne on the 29th November travelling up to Normandy for 6 nights. 
    • After that we have rented an apartment in Paris for the final week of our French adventure.
    • We then fly out to Dubai on the 12th December to spend a few days with friends Denise and Jeremy. 
    • Arrive back in Auckland on 19th and plan to spend Christmas & New Year with Ange's mum in Timaru.
    • We get back to Auckland and move back home on the 5th January 2009. 
  • So some exciting times ahead.. but there is a lot to get done before we leave.


  1. Nice photos Don, the scratch doesn't seem to have effected this lot. Love your work :)

  2. There are some really good Digital SLRs out there now, but they are quite a bit more than your good old compact ones. What brand are you using at present as you may want to stick with the same brand if you are familiar with the tools. I am partial to the Canon range myself and have a EOS 350D, its current equivilant the EOS 450D is quite a nice camera and not too expensive. I'd love to have a 5D myself but could never justify the cost.