Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Château de Montfort

These days the Château de Montfort is closed to the public.

The castle has an interesting history. It was built in the XI century but razed to the ground by Simon de Montfort in 1214. The castle was later rebuilt but was destroyed another three times: during the Hundred Years' War and then again on the instructions of Henri IV.

Much of the current configuration looks like XVII or XVIII century to me. It would have been great to get inside the walls but alias we were limited to a walk around the perimeter - or were we?

Check out our video for more details.


  1. You can see that blur you mentioned quite easily in the video. Like the second run of comentary from James I think he may have a future in television.

  2. Yep, it isn't so bad in photos provided there is no direct sunlight.

    Thanks for advice in previous post - I do like the cannon. I have been watching a UK program called the Gadget Show ( it has some really good reviews on SLRs.

  3. Just bear in mind that most SLRs don't do video, there are some out there, however if video is something you need then you may want to look at something in between a compact and SLR like the PowerHot SX range which allows for the manual apsect but also does video, the new 1S model even does HD video @ 1920x1080. Not sure on the cost for the SXs vs the SLRs so it would come down to what you really wanted out of the camera as like us you could always have a compact camera for the quick videos as well.

  4. Opps I meant PowerShot SX range.