Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tuesday Tune-Up


Welcome to the Tuesday ramble:

  • Where are the posts you ask? We have just been busy... having a great time with our guests Lorraine and Ed.
  • The top priority has been touring around the local sites, food and drink come in as close second.
  • Blogging wasn't ranked. Sorry.
  • Thankfully Fran has been looking after the kids for us.
  • Actually it is just a picture of Fran (a famous NZ child care teacher) which has been glued on a stick. The kids have been absolute angels and have just starred at the picture in abject terror.
  • School has also helped out a bit. A little bit.
  • Sure. I will try and ramble a bit less so that more of you can follow this post. It is late: we had a great meal out tonight down at the service station restaurant in Saint Cernin (it was agreed that this place could easily compete with any restaurant in the Auckland viaduct).
  • I will have to do a formal roundup on the trips we have been on with Lorraine and Ed, but in the meantime here are some snaps to fill up the photo column.

local Chat1w


  1. glad to see that my photo still ranks high in the fear department... just make sure it stays that way!!

  2. Hi Angela, Don & Family,

    The Edwards team are now in Frqnce! Have visited Paris and also been down to Spain and we are now stqying with Anne's parents in Serignan which is near Beziers. We are here until next Thursday when we tqke the TGV back up to Paris.

    Not sure if its possible to meet up somewhere in the next week - we have a rentql car but I don't think we qre thqt close! But let me know if you have qny ideqs.

    Ange you can email me at my work email.

    Take cqre
    Dean, Anne, Thomas & Matthew