Thursday, 18 September 2008

More Hunting

JackCepe EdandDonwithHaul
Jack presents his find, while the boys relax.
Henry found some interesting growths.
Ed's first discovery: while not poisonous this variety is particularly bitter and not edible.

We headed over the ridge again today to find some chanterelle mushrooms.  The pickings were slim compared with previous outings but we still managed enough for a small entree for the adults.

Jack discovered our first cèpe of the season. This bodes well for future hunts as the cèpe start to appear in autumn. Haven't tasted these yet but the woodlands around this area in France are famous for their cèpe's - can't wait.

Ange was a bit worried about hunters (in addition to those pesky ticks and invisible snakes). As it was, we made so much noise that the hunters in the next valley probably packed up and went home.

There were many more varieties of mushrooms than we were used to - just enough of the orange and yellow variety for my liking. Thankfully with Lorraine and Ed's help we quickly combed out the valley and returned home to inspect our haul.

Some info courtesy of Wikipedia:
Chantarelle or Golden chanterelle is probably the best known species of this genus Cantharellus. It is orange or yellow, meaty and funnel-shaped. On the lower surface, underneath the smooth cap, it has gill-like ridges that run almost all the way down its stipe, which tapers down seamlessly from the cap. It has a fruity smell and a mildly peppery taste, and is considered an excellent food mushroom.

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