Monday, 8 September 2008

Pork Chops


All I had to shoot him with was my 'ol trusty Canon PowerShot A710IS.  

Bang! nailed 'im.


Hunting season started up this weekend with a roar (or a bark).  We went out for a drive on Sunday and along every back county road you could find a slow but steady stream of eager hunters decked in army fatigue with bright fluorescent hats.

Now, as a result, the entire network of forest animals are in a state of panicked migration.  Our dogs are constantly disappearing to chase off 'herds' of deer and pigs that have been evicted from their summer holiday homes.

We came across this chap on Sunday just up around the corner from home.  It is unusual to see wild pigs out of the dense bush but this guy seemed a bit lost and confused.  I'll bet €10 he ended up as someone's pork chops on the BBQ on Sunday night. We weren't invited.

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  1. You should of tried the Crocidile Dundee water buffalo trick and then walked him home straight into the fridge.