Friday, 5 September 2008

Big Mushrooms

Biggies Henrysfind  

Don't be fooled by the box, even if they were fresh we wouldn't be eating these mushrooms. 

These ones are definitely getting a bit too old but they are still good examples of the type of larger mushrooms that are growing around the garden.   Largest diameter is 30 cm's to date - we will keep you posted:)

There are at least three books in the house on mushrooms but there are so many similiar looking varieties that I'm not sure I would be confident to make the call which is safe to eat or not.

For the time being I am happy to stick with our tried and tested chanterelles (these are the orange coloured ones) but I'm also keen to try out the cépes when they arrive later in the year.

So what was the box for? Jack and I were out collecting pine cones.


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