Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Great Downhill Dune Race

All the boys (especially the big one) had great fun on the dunes. It is hard to get a sense from the video or photo's just how steep the leeward side of the dune is.

Downhill was great fun.. uphill was well, hard work, especially pulling a couple of 25kg sacks. Fortunately the sacks in question eventually figured this out and were able to resist the urge to "can we run down again, ah - please Dad"

My camera took a real beating from all the fine sand - I was worried I had ruined the retractable lens. It seems to be ok now.. touch wood.


  1. Would hate for the camera to die I have really enjoyed seeing the videos and also the effects that you have been using for titling as well. Keep up the great work and going to all those places that we would love to be.

  2. Thanks Sean.. much appreciated.