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Dune du Pyla, the largest sand dune in Europe, can  be found at the head of Arcachon bay around 40km from Bordeaux.  It is around 500m wide by 3km long, its height varies from 100 to 117 metres. The dune is encroaching the surrounding woodlands at a rate of 4 meters each year.
We had heard good things.. as you do.. and had marked this destination down as a must visit. We had tried to visit in August but all the good places appeared to be booked out.  The weather forecast for the weekend looked good and so it became one of those now or never decisions that seem to always turn out for the best.
We stayed in a small bungalow at Camping Panorama which is right next to the dune and was pretty good value at €40 a night.  The campground had great facilities, which were made even more so because it wasn't that busy. There was a great pool complex which included a water-slide..  lots of smiling faces!!
Our cabin looked out on the dune through the trees.. it was just perfect.  The boys walked around for half the day debating how many stars the campground should have.
Ange and I entertained the idea of a jog along the top of the dune on Sunday morning but that idea was quickly dispatched after our first ascent - sorry Runners World no photo entry this month.
It seemed every other tourist had brought there own paragliding gear to the beach.  It was runway central! We spent half the day dodging shadows. Guess who now wants to learn how to paraglide.
Yes. Dune du Pyla is definitely a must visit.  
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