Monday, 28 July 2008

Brocante and Vide-grenier at Loubejac


Early start today as we set off to the nearby hamlet of Loubejac to take in its popular brocante come vide-grenier market. 

Loubejac is a beautiful spot around 5km from Villefranche (du P).  It was pretty busy, I would estimate around 100 individual stalls and it had a good mixture of "professional" brocante sellers and locals trading unwanted bits and pieces.  

There was lots of shopping opportunity here which was not lost on Ange and she managed to find a few bargains.  I will try my best to get her to write a post on her purchases (she is loosing interest in this blogging thing owing to the very few comments her posts attract - I keep saying that it isn't important but it must be to her).

After a great picnic lunch, Lainey and Ange headed on for some more shopping (which is the subject of the next blog), while Ros and boys headed home for a swim and a siesta.

Ange took this shot of us boys having breakfast.
What did Henry think of all the shopping?
After Loubejac we headed to a favourite picnic spot just outside Sauveterre-la-lémance.


  1. Come on Ange - Im interested! As a side question, did the biscuit bunch do anything special for Bastille day?

  2. No we didn't actually. It was a public holiday - so not much on (at least around these parts). We were also in midst of farewelling and welcoming guests.